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Legal Support

At Lethert Tax Accounting Systems Inc, we understand the value that our independence and objectivity can provide to other professions in areas that are not commonly associated with accounting services.  We especially reach out and develop lasting relationships with the legal community primarily in the area of providing trust accounting and professional fiduciary services.  However, we have been asked to expand into other areas of legal support.  Though we are still new to these services, we feel that unbiased opinions and solid techniques have great value potential for attorneys in relatively simple cases or in assisting attorneys in following up on actions with elderly or infirm clients.

Our Legal Support services include:

Notary Public

Bring us your important documents on which you need signatures witnessed or notarized.

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Client Followup Support for Attorneys

Attorneys and lawyers are very knowledgeable in the process of drafting appropriate legal documents and recommending to clients how that legal paperwork should be used. Unfortunately, this is where the communication often ends. Many clients and even some attorneys assume that with the drafting and signing of a legal document, all required actions will be completed in due course. As a lawyer, how many times have you drafted a trust agreement only to find out three years later that the client never followed through by funding the trusts or changing title at the bank? How often have you recommended that a family member be established as a financial Power of Attorney for an ailing elderly client to later discover the client merely made family members joint parties to their accounts, creating uneven estate distributions, family arguments and potential gift tax problems? At Lethert Tax Accounting Systems, Inc. we assist the clients of attorneys in following through with specific recommended actions or tasks that need to be accomplished for the executed legal document to actually accomplish its intended purpose. We work in harmony with the attorney to physically schedule and go with the client to banks, brokerages, insurance companies, etc., for the purpose of registering the legal paperwork, changing account titles and performing other actions required to achieve the intended attorney advised action. In this process, we also can act as a witness to the changes, assuring both the client and attorney the legal document has been executed as advised.

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Litigation Support

Attorneys and lawyers often need a professional interpretation of financial records or to quantify economic loss or damage pursuant to existing or pending litigation. Financial and personal records are often vast and confusing to sort through. We utilize solid accounting and audit techniques to compile information into simple and understandable formats to assist in the calculation and documentation of any potential economic loss or damage. With our experience, we can make sense of the records and transactions and get to your bottom line.

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Forensic Financial Analysis

Forensic analysis is used in a wide range of situations including litigation, supporting circumstancial probability, discovery, dissolution, bankruptcy, etc. We use accounting and investigative techniques in the process of analyzing available financial data by scientifically testing hypotheses about past events, measuring those hypotheses against known facts, interpolating and extrapolating evidence and formulating defensible estimates of historic activities from available financial data. This service is generally provided in conjunction with the resolution of some dispute between individuals, a taxpayer and government authority, or to aid an attorney in prosecuting or defending in a legal action. In its mildest form, forensic analysis is basically the service of creating useful information out of seemingly incomplete, fragmented and raw records or data. In its more dramatic form, forensic analysis can aid in revealing fraud, theft or other financial improprieties. In such cases, our measurements and the information they represent can be used to determine the extent of financial loss or monetary damage caused by illegal acts.

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Expert Witness Services

Pending or existing litigation can result in the need for a qualified professional to present his or her opinion to support or oppose evidence submitted to the court. Our level of competence allows us the opportunity to function as expert witnesses in such cases.

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